sdcv - console version of StarDict program.


Version 0.5.0-beta2
- add option to colorize output
- Roman Imankulov's patch to better use of readline
- Fix build with modern compilers
- Fix work on CPU with align issues, like ARM and SPARC (thanks to Michal Čihař )
- Migrate to C++11 and CMake (so at now archive with code 180K->54K)
- Update Russian translation
--- CUT ---

Releases(beta and last stable)

sdcv-0.5.0-beta2-Source.tar.bz2 51K md5sum: 49aa0e9b47b602022da0ea54d6104562 2013-07-07
sdcv-0.4.2.tar.bz2 180K md5sum: f624662b333daa5da2d3e99cef519f17 2006-04-24

     More previous releases can be found on sdcv's sourceforge page.


If you have question, feature request or want report bug email me(Be sure to include the word "sdcv" somewhere in the "Subject:" field).


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